Oracle of the Day: Ten of Air

The world is your oyster.  Photo Credit: Meli Halstead

The world is your oyster.
Photo Credit: Meli Halstead

Central theme of your writing piece for the day:


Ten of Air signals the end of a difficult situation.  You can take a deep breath now because that horrendous situation you felt would never end…  It’s all over.  Whew.  At this point, embrace the change and expect things in your life to get better now.


For those of you tired of your job because you no longer feel satisfied doing what you’re doing, fear not my friends.  Ten of Air indicates this is an opportune time to leave your new job because the world holds new opportunities for you.  It’s a time for your spirit to grow.  However, this is not a sign for you to flip your boss off and leave a string of naked pictures of yourself in everyone’s cubicle.


Unless you plan on working in the adult industry, then … still proceed with caution.


It would be wise for you to cast your net out wide and explore all the options you have!  Now is the time to utilize the wonderful world of social media, your network of friends and professionals to help you get the world out.  At this point, the world is your oyster.


For those of you who were struggling with an addiction of some sort: food, sex, drugs, movies, etc.  Good news.  Your struggles are over. The road to recovery is going to be filled with challenges, but the shackles that once held you down are gone.


Writing Focus:


This writing focus is going to be slightly different than the other writing focuses you might have seen in the previous posts.  You’re going to need your writing journal or the electronic writing machine of your choice.


Your character has decided to leave his/her currently employment for various reasons.  What are they?  Write them down right now.


Illustrate what life was like for your character before s/he thought of leaving their current job.  Was it stressful? Were there office bullies? Did the boss act inappropriately?


Ten of Air encourages your character to cast his/her net wide to increase his/her chances of securing a new profession.  What are some ways your character can do to reach out to his/her friends?  What is the result of this action?  A new romance?  An old friend revisited?


How does your character feel about a situation finally coming to an end?  What are the emotions your character is feeling? How does your character react to the ending situation?


I Dare You To Take Action Prompt:


Sometimes when writing a new scene or trying to capture a scenario that is unfamiliar, the task can be daunting.  People that come through my workshops want to write a new, unfamiliar scene, but they lack the information and find themselves stumbling.  Or worse, trying to force a scene to emerge.


It doesn’t have to be this way.  One of the best methods for fertilizing the imagination is to go out and do a bit of research.  Go and visit the career centers and talk with people there.  Interview a head hunter and incorporate pieces of your new information into the life of your character. Read books, talk to folks on social media, and more.  The acquisition of knowledge is infinite.


Additional Resources for You:

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I’d love to hear how this oracle has enhanced your writing.  Leave a comment and enrich the lives of our other readers.  Pay your experiences forward.


Meli Halstead is a kickass teacher who likes to help writers get their stories written using a variety of oracles.  She has written and published several short stories in her life time.  She also gives a voice to those who are trapped in the cruel world of human trafficking.


Wondering where in the world I got this amazing card? It is part of the wonderful deck Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. *I am not an affiliate in any way. I bought the card deck because I like angels!*

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