Oracle of the Day: Seven of Water

You're faced with complex decision. Photo credit: Meli Halstead

You’re faced with complex decision.
Photo credit: Meli Halstead

Central theme of your writing piece for the day:

The Seven of Water appears today because you are currently faced with a complex decision.  The matter that is in your life is what keeps you awake at night.  However, whatever is troubling you, there is a way out if you focus and avoid unrealistic expectations.

When you look at the card, several colors hover over the cups.  The color your most drawn to is the color that is affecting you at the moment.  For color interpretation, Chakra Anatomy provides some great resources.

Writing Focus:

Your character lies awake in bed at night.  A small puddle of the chamomile tea sis at the bottom of the cup and the faint hum of the fan echoes down the hall.  Your character is troubled over something.  The thoughts churn around in his/her head and nothing works to soothe him/her.

The Seven of Water carries multiple meanings.  Your character could be worried about money, relationships, sexuality, communicating well, connecting with others, and the list goes on.  The important thing here is that your character needs to recognize the very issue that is troubling him/her.  Once the central issue has been identified, then your character can step into the realm of research.

The Seven of Water indicates that your character delve deep into his/her subconscious  to find the way.  Listen to his/her intuition.  Like all situations, internal research is necessary to step in the direction of enlightenment.

During this process, your character needs to stop procrastinating.  It’s important that your character try to focus on finding possible solutions through internal reflection and avoid unrealistic expectations.

I Dare You To Take Action Prompt:

Go into a coffee shop or an outdoor shopping area.  Find someone new to sit by and start engaging in a conversation.  Let them know you are a writer and you’re doing a bit of research.  You want to know what troubles them and how they feel about it.   Or you can tell them about a situation that is troubling you and ask them for advice.

Interact with 3 different people today and listen to their stories.  You’ll be amazed at what you will learn.

After you collect your information, journal your experiences or incorporate some of the gems into your rough draft.

I’d love to hear how this oracle has enhanced your writing.  Leave a comment and enrich the lives of our other readers.  Pay your experiences forward.

Meli Halstead is a kickass teacher who likes to help writers get their stories written using a variety of oracles.  She has written and published several short stories in her life time.  She also gives a voice to those who are trapped in the cruel world of human trafficking.

Let’s connect on Twitter: @MeliHalstead

Wondering where in the world I got this amazing card? It is part of the wonderful deck Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. *I am not an affiliate in any way. I bought the card deck because I like angels!*

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