Oracle of the Day: Death (Reversed)

Central theme of your writing piece for the day:

Death (reversed) indicates that a crisis continues with no end in sight.  While this may bode not so good news, it is a time to stop and regroup.

Writing Focus:

Your characters are faced with continual crisis that has no end in sight.  Nothing is getting better for them and the waves of misfortune continues to slam against their ill-gained efforts.

In my science classes, students are encouraged to learn about a topic and then create their very own labs based on the main concepts.  My objective is to come away from the cookbook science and to step into original thinking realm of lab experiment design.  Some students jump right into the work and produce excellent, original lab creations.  While others struggle.  Off to the side are the few students who create a lab experiment and realize their strategies are not going to work.

Rather than make some small changes to see if any improvement occurs, the students opt to stay right where they are at and scream at their creations for not being successful.  Side note about science — failure is an option and does lead to success once small changes are made.  Such actions indicate the student is in a place of continual crisis.  The best course of action would be to stop and regroup Maybe even consult with other students to see what could be done to improve the experiment design.

Death (reversed) beckons for your character that transformation and change is imminent. The old ways no longer serve them and change will be imposed — willingly or forcefully.  It depends on the person.  Note that this card in reverse is less intense in nature.  Remember that whenever change happens, transformation — for the better — comes afterwards.

When a storm comes (a metaphorical change) in your character’s life, it can be a good thing.  Another example, when I was living in New Orleans.  The French Quarter reeked of piss, vomit, and gosh knows what else. The stench was sometimes unbearable.  My favorite time was when the rains would come and wash all the dirt, grime, and stench away.  It felt as if the French Quarter was reborn.

I Dare You To Take Action Prompt:

When people see the Death card, whether it is upright or reversed, evokes a certain fear in the minds of many people.  You see the powerful effect in movies.  There is a young girl who huddles her way into the back alley tarot reader in  hopes no one sees her.  She sits before a table lined with purple fabric, a glass ball in the center, and the reader hands the young woman her cards.  Cards are shuffled and laid out.  All of a sudden, three cards are placed down and then….  Wait for it… the music builds up the tension …. And the death card is thrown down.

The young woman gasps and flees the place.  Her worst fears confirmed.

Let’s back up a bit.  The death card is not scary at all.  The notion of the young woman storming out of there was unwarranted.  Granted, a crisis does continue in her life with no end in sight, however should the young woman stop and take a breath.  The tables will turn and life does get better.

Do you have a character that will benefit from this kind of chaos thrown in?  How could you incorporate your own personal experience where you felt no end was in sight?  How did you cope?  What were some strategies you employed that got you through these tough and trying times?

Incorporate elements of Death (reversed) in your rough draft and take some time to flesh out the feelings that surround this personal journey.

I’d love to hear how this oracle has enhanced your writing.  Leave a comment and enrich the lives of our other readers.  Pay your experiences forward.

Here are some resources for you to utilize if you are  in need of some ideas regarding continual crises

Teacher Guidelines for Crisis Response by The American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress.  

10 Tips for Handling A Crisis At Work by Jacquelyn Smith link: 

The 10 Steps of Crisis Communication by Bernstein Crisis Management

Meli Halstead is a kickass teacher who likes to help writers get their stories written using a variety of oracles.  She has written and published several short stories in her life time.  She also gives a voice to those who are trapped in the cruel world of human trafficking.

Wondering where in the world I got this amazing card? It is part of the wonderful deck Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore. *I am not an affiliate in any way. I bought the card deck because they were AWESOME!*

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