One Leaf At A Time

Photo Credit: Meli Halstead

Photo Credit: Meli Halstead

During my one of my walks in the woods with my family, I came across a plant climbing up a tree trunk.

The biologist in me marveled at the delight of the miracle growing as it utilized it’s many resources – photosynthesis, absorption of carbon dioxide gas, Kreb’s Cycle, glycolysis, and more.

My inner artist viewpoint was much, much different.

All sorts of questions emerged: 1. Did the seed ask for permission to land next to the tree?

2. Did the seed think long and hard about what it wanted to be before it blossomed into beautiful green leaves that would climb along the tree trunk?

3. Were there contemplative moments as to which leaf to grow first? Would it be the stem or the leaf?  Would it be two leaves or three?  At the same time?

Before more questions could emerge, I snapped a picture to capture the simplicity of this moment.  (Also, because my husband and little human screamed my name a couple of times followed by a “Hurry up, we want to spray ourselves with mosquito repellent.”)

In the midst of everything, a moment of reflection came upon me. The seed simply landed, took root, and grew… and grew… and grew…

There was no inner critic telling it that it can’t grow nice and lovely along the trunk of the tree.  It just…did.  And it’s continuing to grow.

If the seed just did what it was designed to do, then:

Why do you ask for permission or approval for your book idea?  Why do you wait for the right moment to write that perfect sentence?  Why do you over-think every detail of that word, sentence, paragraph, page, chapter, or book?

QUESTIONS: What are the reasons for your “Why’s” that stop you from doing what you need to do?  How do you over come those reasons? I’d love to hear from you and learn the reasons of your “Why” in the comments below.

Listen to your silent power.

Until next time, Meli Halstead

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