If you’re looking for a way to rake in hundreds of dollars in your business with little effort – best wishes to you.  

And be sure to send me a message on how you did that. 

The reality is that building and sustaining a business takes a lot of work.

A successful combination of building a community, strong delivery of materials and concepts, endless resources, and the creation as well as packaging your wealth of knowledge INCREASES YOUR REVENUE.

It’s about having a ROADMAP – a clear and focused plan of which steps to take next in your business.  Tarot/Oracles combined with Personal Experience are excellent tools that allows you to be presented with the options for optimal growth.

Ultimately, you make the final decision of which path you want to take to maximize the potential and actual growth for your business.

My name is Melissa Annalise Halstead, PhD (aka Writer’s Oracle) and I’ve been a professional educator and oracle for 16+ years.  I’ve worked with hundreds of clients all over the world and helped them sharpen their businesses focus so they can increase their revenue.   I’d love to be a part of your journey towards success.

You are invited to create your successful life…. and RE-WRITE your narrative.


Best wishes,